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Men At Play: Cruising Glory Hole

After being boyfriends for some time, Thomas Thunder and Bruno Max’s sex is starting to become a bit repetitious. Tomas texts Bruno to meet him at a surprise address; which turns out to be a cruising club. By text, Thomas tells Bruno to walk...


Men At Play: The Good Neighbor

Alexander Muller and Logan Moore are neighbors and good friends. After a long day at the office, Logan visits Alexander and shares that he is having issues in his relationship. Logan explains that after their affair last summer, things have not been the same...


MENatPLAY: Exxxtra Credit

Robbie Rojo needs the extra credits to pass his German class and has a plan. Professor Vadim Romanov has agreed to meet him individually, as long as he takes the lesson seriously. Robbie isn’t cooperating and Mr. Romanov has had enough and recommends that...


Men At Play: Wet & Code

Dani Rivera, in his Men at Play debut, prepares his briefcase with important documents and a stack of cash. When he’s almost ready to leave, a stranger surprises him from behind and renders him unconscious. Dani is awoken; blindfolded and tied to a chair....


Men At Play: Work Hard(er)

In his MENatPLAY debut, Spanish muscular stud David Cork is the boss of the mafia organization that controls several bars and clubs around the city. While playing pool in one of his bars, Lukas Daken arrives; late and with bad news. Lukas explains that...


Men At Play: Butler Service

Miguel Angel is Pierce Paris’ personal butler – with white gloves and winged collar shirt. Every morning they follow the same routine: coffee and newspaper in bed, dressing up and a complimentary blowjob. Pierce doesn’t pay much attention to Miguel Angel – at the...


Men At Play: I Don’t Understand

It’s raining. And while on a business trip in Spain, Gabriel Phoenix misplaces his car keys. He waits for the car service under Thomas Thunder’s outdoor office shade to keep dry. Thunder notices the beautiful suited blond businessman outside getting wet and asks him...


Men At Play: Ambitiousest

Franky Fox is an ambitious cocky weatherman, with an upcoming interview to become the lead news anchor. After giving the daily weather update, his assistant Vadim Romanov meets him in his dressing room. Subsequently, Vadim informs Franky that the anchor position has been filled....

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