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Men At Play: Sex Games

It’s late in the evening and Bruno Max enters a club where the friendly Jonathan Miranda greets him from behind the bar. Since it’s Bruno’s first time in the club, Jonathan offers him a complimentary drink and afterward to show him around the club....


Men At Play: Sexless No More

It’s the end of the first school day after a two-month lockdown. Professor Dani Rivera greets colleague Diego Reyes and they chat about how good it is to be able to have some freedom again. It wasn’t easy being confined to their homes. Dani...


Men At Play: Personal Driver

Ethan Chase, a successful businessman on his way to the airport, gets picked up by his personal driver, Teddy Torres. Just as they are about to head out, Teddy gets a notification that Mr. Chase’s flight has been delayed. Ethan invites Teddy to wait...


Men At Play: The Lewd Detective

Detective Gabriel Clark has been investigating Drew Dixon for some time now; searching for a big amount of unaccounted money. When he brings Drew in for questioning, Gabriel tells him to make himself comfortable; he will be here for a while. After being bribed...


Men At Play: Job Security

Dato Foland works for Marco Napoli as a security guard at Marco’s club. After a busy night, Dato is wrapping up when Marco tells him through the earpiece to meet him downstairs. Marco is waiting for him behind the bar and hands him a...


Men At Play: The Podophilic Podiatrist

Leander arrives at Franky Fox’s podiatry clinic for a final checkup for his broken toe. Franky removes Leander’s shoe and starts checking on the recovery. Leander seems to enjoy it and they can’t stop giving each other flirtatious looks. Franky confirms that everything is...


Men At Play: The Stylist Touch

When the confident Manuel Skye visits his stylist for approval before the night’s gala, he is quickly taken down a peg as the experienced couturier chastises the tragic fit of his new silk-blend suit. However, once Rocky Vallarta, a real-life tailor with an eye...


Men At Play: Barbershop Play

Miguel Angel visits Dani Rivera’s barbershop where he often gets his beard and long black hair trimmed. After getting Miguel’s hair and beard wet, Dani applies some thick shaving foam on his neck and cheeks. While being shaven, Miguel Angel begins to touch himself,...


Men At Play: Screwed Over

Jonathan Miranda, in his MENatPLAY debut, is an art collector and returns to Dani Rivera’s studio with a piece he purchased. Apparently, he had dinner with friends who also had the same “original” he was sold. Jonathan wants a refund; especially since Dani cannot...

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