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Men: Angel Cum

Masked Derek Cline approaches glittering, resplendent angel DeAngelo Jackson, slipping under his wings to caress DeAngelo’s muscular ebony body. Derek worships the angel’s dick, licking and nibbling DeAngelo’s bulge before slowly and sensually sucking his big cock. DeAngelo comes down to earth to explore...


Men: The Twink Under The Bed (Bareback)

Twink Greyson Lane can’t believe his mom promised the car to his new stepbrother Calvin Banks just because he’s older, so he sneaks into the bathroom while Calvin’s in the shower to snag the keys. But Greyson gets distracted sniffing his step-bro’s briefs, and...


Men: The Hands-On Handyman (Bareback)

Colby Jansen’s happy to help out his neighbor Mrs. Mills with some repairs in her son’s closet, but he doesn’t even have time to say anything when her son Joey Mills and his boyfriend Josh Cannon come in and Joey immediately starts sucking Josh’s...


Men: A Bottom’s Problem (Bareback)

Scott Miller is a bottom with a problem: he’s on a mission to get fucked ASAP, but his hookup app is only showing him bottoms. He asks his virtual assistant to find him a top, and once he slides the ButtHome into his hungry...


Men: From Ex to Sex (Bareback)

Collin Simpson has been so down since he and his ex, David Skylar, broke up, his dad can’t take the moping anymore and invites David over so the guys can hash things out. As the exes catch up and see how they’ve both gotten...


Men: Bed And Cock Fest

Johnny Rapid and Jax Thirio are in need of a little R&R, and what better place than the hot tub of a cozy and private B&B. This bed and breakfast provides everything the pair needs for a good time, even eye candy in the...


Men: Mystery of Sin

After long weeks ramping up their sexual tension as they chatted online, Ace Quinn and Trent King are finally about to meet in the flesh. Trent says that he can’t wait to fuck Ace, who is impressed that Trent is even hotter in person....


Men: Reunion With Benefits

Ace Quinn and Gabriel Clark first met on the set of a mainstream movie where they were cast in a sex scene together…with no real fucking. That’s why today Ace is stoked to finally get topped by Gabriel for real, something he’s been thinking...


Men: Taste the Chef (Bareback)

In an effort to spice up the ratings for his cooking show “Hungry Holes”, Chef Blake Ryder introduces a new segment of signature cocktails, heavy on the cock. Blake needs a little help from surprised camera guy Paul Canon to supply the secret ingredient:...

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