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Men At Play: Sex Games

It’s late in the evening and Bruno Max enters a club where the friendly Jonathan Miranda greets him from behind the bar. Since it’s Bruno’s first time in the club, Jonathan offers him a complimentary drink and afterward to show him around the club....


Men At Play: Personal Driver

Ethan Chase, a successful businessman on his way to the airport, gets picked up by his personal driver, Teddy Torres. Just as they are about to head out, Teddy gets a notification that Mr. Chase’s flight has been delayed. Ethan invites Teddy to wait...


Masqulin: B&B MIXUP

Markus Kage and Trent King have been double-booked at the same rental place but both expected an empty apartment. However, this turn of events ends up working out for both horny travelers. They both strikeout and end up being each other’s hot contingency plan!...


Men At Play: The Podophilic Podiatrist

Leander arrives at Franky Fox’s podiatry clinic for a final checkup for his broken toe. Franky removes Leander’s shoe and starts checking on the recovery. Leander seems to enjoy it and they can’t stop giving each other flirtatious looks. Franky confirms that everything is...


Masqulin: Social Pressure, Part 3

The first challenge of our hot online competition: blow two strangers within an hour. The second challenge: Get Fucked by a Daddy. And, now our social influencers (Paul Canon and Calvin Banks) will complete their competition against each other in the Edge Challenge –...


Masqulin: Pulled Over

Ethan Chase and Pietro Duarte are looking to make a quick buck by driving some high-grade pot over state lines. Using a backroad they think will not be patrolled ends up getting them caught in the clutches of Officer Damon Heart. These hot young...


Masqulin: Motel Exhibition, Part 2

Top earners Adam Ramzi and Cayden Stone are about to set $$$ records. They make their way to their motel room, where the Masqulin.chat cams are ready to broadcast the horny muscular studs wank, fuck, and cum live. Hot as fuck dudes on live...


Masqulin: What’s Gotten Into Him, Part 1

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious, Drew Dixon is in for his weekly visit with Dr. Pierce Paris, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. On top of dealing with a new marketing job, Drew is struggling with added pressure from his boyfriend (Nick Fitt) to have...


Masqulin: Shared Ride

On a shared ride, strangers Drew Dixon and Michael Boston get mischievous in the back while a clueless driver maneuvers through traffic. Micheal gets out at Drew’s stop and the debauchery continues indoors with his new friend. First, Micheal fucks the slutty British bottom,...


Masqulin: I Want To Be Famous

Tanner Hall is a hot young guy with ambitions of being a famous influencer. He seeks out the help of superstar agent Thyle Knoxx who is used to these hot young hunks and knows exactly how to get the most out of them. He...

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