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Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion: Cock Hunter

As moans echo out through every corner of the bathhouse, Wade Wolfgar and Logan Stevens are already spit-roasting Brian Bonds in the main room. With Brian’s mouth filled with Wade’s cock, and his ass bred by Logan’s pole, Brian loves every inch given to...


Fisting Central: Fist Bus #02

Horny hitchhiker Julian Torres is relieving himself on the side of the road when ‘Alpha-As-Fuck’ daddy Drew Sebastian, finds him and offers a safe trip to Las Vegas in the back of the ‘Fist Bus’. But no one gets a free ride, and Drew...

Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion: State of Arousal

When Tyson Glover sees Sean Duran, their mutual erotic chemistry propels them both into a heightened state of arousal. Sean, tattooed from head to toe, sits upright as Tyson services his cock. Tyson – lean, tanned, and with both nipples pierced – feeds off...

Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion: Cock Hunter

Wade Wolfgar is alone in his private bathhouse room jerking off when Sean Harding lets himself in and wraps his lips around Wade’s girthy, uncut cock. Sean makes extra sure not to abandon Wade’s heavy balls as he gags on his pole. When Wade...


Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum & Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon continues his Cocky Boys buffet with Alex Mecum, who fits Drew’s type in many ways including their mutual interest in the simple pleasure of touch. Drew takes his time sensually kissing, touching & worshiping Alex’s sculpted body and Alex responds in kind....

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