Sean Cody

Sean Cody : Murray & Manny

Ripped cutie Manny and athletic beau Murray get in a pre-workout to prepare for the real work they plan to put in later. ìI watched you in Puerto Rico. You took that dick really well, and I wanna see if you can take my dick,î says brown-haired Murray. ìAre you gonna make me take it either way? If I donít come back it means Iím broken!î says Manny amusingly. ìManny turns me on with his sexy muscles and personality,î affirms Murray. ìI like his deep, intense gaze like heís looking into your soul or deep into your asshole!î replies Manny. ìWeíre gonna workout in the bedroom in a little while,î states a now horny Murray.

Watch ‘Murray & Manny’ at Sean Cody  ⏯


Watch ‘Murray & Manny’ at Sean Cody  ⏯

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