Sean Cody

Sean Cody : Maddox & Lane

Tall, slender Lane and athletic Maddox cuddle up for a little chat before things heat up. ìI have a better name for you. Iím thinking it should be ìMad Dick Maddoxî, what do you think?î asks tattooed Lane. ìWell, youíre going to find out in a little while. Weíll get to that!î replies good-looking Maddox. He continues, ìSo how do you like to be fucked Lane?î ìReally rough and very aggressive. Iíve had some big tops throw me around before,î replies brown-haired Lane. ìI fuck just as hard as I fight,î says Maddox. ìWell then Iím ready!î states Lane.

Watch ‘Maddox & Lane’ at Sean Cody  ⏯


Watch ‘Maddox & Lane’ at Sean Cody  ⏯

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