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Raging Stallion: Drake Masters fucks Daymin Voss in ‘Furgasm’

Bartender Drake Masters is slinging drinks when Daymin Voss enters without words. Daymin can’t resist touching Drake’s rock-hard, hairy body and Drake responds by reaching down to grope Daymin’s massive bulge. That’s Daymin’s cue to get on his knees to take Drake’s thick hairy cock down his throat. He services Drake with an urgency, getting the rough and tumble muscle hunk hard as a rock. Daymin needs a taste of Drake’s hairy asshole and bends the stud over to spread his cheeks.

When both furry hunks are worked up and sweaty, Drake is ready for dick, so Daymin Voss slides his throbbing cock deep into Drake’s hole. He pumps away and enjoys the feeling of Drake’s warm hole surrounding his big dick. It’s Drake’s turn to feel Daymin from the inside and bends the stud over to plunge deep into his hole. Drake keeps pounding in and out until Daymin’s furry hole makes him ready to blow. Drake pulls out and dumps a load of creamy cum all over Daymin’s big sack and hairy taint. Drake Masters isn’t quite done yet. He wants a taste of Daymin’s load and gets in front of the stud to get what he deserves. Daymin drains his balls all over Drake’s beard and face to finish off the furry fun at the bar.


Watch Drake Masters fuck Daymin Voss in ‘Furgasm’ at Raging Stallion  ⏯

Watch Drake Masters fuck Daymin Voss in ‘Furgasm’ at Raging Stallion  ⏯



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