Belami: WEEKLY UPDATE – 4-27-19

Roald Ekberg & Maori Mortensen   While we know that a few of you are not fans of Maori’s tattoo, we think that as an overall package, he is quite a nice package. Tall, built, hung with a handsome, masculine look and an eager and high voltage sexuality, he makes a great model in most […]


Cockyboys: Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell

Sexy & joyfully uninhibited duo Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell have had some off-camera fun before but now bring it full force to CockyBoys. Even before they get started their existing chemistry heats up the screen! As they kiss, the versatile guys ease right into their roles.. for this scene. Ty goes down on Max […]

Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter 417

This young man was like a little angel. Beautiful face, gorgeous body, blond hair, huge dick… He was my best catch in weeks. I met him near the river, where he was just walking around. He was from a small village I never heard of. A young guy lost in the big city… It seemed […]

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