Men Over 30

Men Over 30: Foot To Cock

Angel Ventura is giving Ago Viera one amazing foot rub. Angel rubs every toe and even licks some of them. Ago is going nuts as he watches Angel please his feet. Angel than moves to sucking on his hard cock and soon after Ago is repaying the favor. They can’t contain themselves and Angel starts […]


Masqulin: Gamer Spoils

He is young, eccentric and almost impossible to defeat online. We check out one of LAs top gamers and eligible bachelors, Turbo letting loose. And, today, not only does groupie Beaux Banks get invited inside Dante Colle’s bedroom, but he also gets to do much more with the fluid professional gamer. Who’s next?! #BestGameEva  Watch […]


Cocky Boys: Mateo Vice & Mateo Vice

What happens when totally submissive Mateo Vice is paired with dominant Freddie Daze? Everything! Once they open up about what they like to do AND for each other, they forge ahead. Mateo goes down on Freddie who makes sure to keep Mateo’s mouth & throat on his big dick, when he isn’t slapping his face […]

Latin Leche

Latin Leche: Numero 101

Today, our hung cameraman invites a well-groomed hunk back to his place to fool around with his tatted friend. The guy asks for double the money and then offers up his asshole for some super intense double penetration.  Watch ‘Numero 101’ LatinLeche       Watch ‘Numero 101’ LatinLeche     Tap on the Redeem Your Gasm button below for a 36% […]


Young Perps: Case #1912076-32

This week, a young black boy accidentally walks into the Loss Prevention Office while the Officer on duty is jerking off! To satisfy his horny urges, the Officer yanks the boy’s underwear down and feeds him his thick cock. Then, he plows the boy’s tight hole.  Watch ‘Case #1912076-32’ at YoungPerps      Watch ‘Case #1912076-32’ at YoungPerps   […]

Family Dick

Family Dick: Mom’s Home

This week, little Lukas Stone’s ex-con stepdad, Logan Stevens, sneaks into his bedroom while the boy’s mom calls the kid for dinner! The old man wants a quickie, so he fucks his boy’s young asshole bareback and then strokes him to a creamy climax.  Watch ‘Mom’s Home’ at FamilyDick      Watch ‘Mom’s Home’ at FamilyDick    Tap on […]

Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion: Timberwolves #02

Drake is forced to face his actions, in exile in the desert. He thinks he’s alone, but the wind carries his scent to a nearby campsite where Drew Sebastian is polishing his big gun. Drew finds Drake and takes him back to his tent, where the older, wiser wolf daddy educates the pup in more ways […]


Men At Play: Nymphomaniac Consultation

Dani Robles is working from his home office where he consults as a Psychologist when an unscheduled client shows up. Bruno Max has been seeing Dr. Robles for help with his nymphomania disorder.Today his excessive sexual desires seem uncontrollable. Bruno has jerked off twice in the office bathroom already, and can’t stop staring and fantasizing […]


Masqulin: The Cum Dump, Part 3

With two hookups down so far, cum slut Jeremy London is looking to impress by fucking with three more tonight — and, making it to Cum Dump status! On the PansMeet app, he matches and invites over Alex Mecum, Ace Quinn, and Thyle Knoxx — ready for dicks and punishment. Watch as the three Masqulin […]

Next Door Buddies

Next Door Buddies: The Roommate Tour

Michael Jackman’s rental application looks good, in theory: good references, a solid rental history, no reports or incidents to speak of… all in all he’s a solid candidate, and when Dante Colle and Jake Porter meet him and give him the house tour, they feel quite certain Michael is a guy they could live with […]

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