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Next Door Studios: Learning To Sweat

As Scott Finn rests for the day, trainer Dante Colle tries to get him up for their session. Scott’s not exactly motivated to go to the gym, but Dante is determined get him in shape, one way or the other, even if he has to work him out right here in his bed. That sounds like a workout plan the Scott can get with, as he pushes his ass towards Dante, infuriating him and making him hot under the collar, and in the shorts. Dante decides to show Scott what real sweating is all about, and if Scott thinks he’s ducked a workout, he has no idea what Dante has in store for his sweet little hole. By the time Dante is done with him, Scott will be begging for the mercy of some bench reps.

🔽 Watch ‘Learning To Sweat’ at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS ðŸ”½ 


🔽 Watch ‘Learning To Sweat’ at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS ðŸ”½ 

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