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Next Door Studios: Fetish Tales – Trail Bangers

There’s nothing Donte Thick loves to do more on his weekends than get outside for a nice nature hike, so that he can take in the sights and soak in the solitude, but when he runs across Johnny Hill and Dacotah Red hidden behind a tree, he realizes natural beauty comes in many forms, and that maybe solitude is overrated. Watching them from behind the brush, Donte gets excited at the thought of joining them, and when Johnny sees him lurking, Donte comes right out and asks the two of them if he can join. They are more than hospitable to the idea, and in no time, the three of them spread out their blanket and get down to some serious trail banging. Donte and Johnny take their turns having their way with Dacotah’s fuckable holes, and Dacotah takes it all willingly, as the three of them fuck and suck to their heart’s content, showing no concern for whoever might by watching.

šŸ”½ Watch ā€˜Trail Bangersā€™ at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS šŸ”½ 


šŸ”½ Watch ā€˜Trail Bangersā€™ at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS šŸ”½ 

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