MENATPLAY : JJ Knight fucks Jonas Jackson in “CHECKIN’UP JONAS”

JJ Knight, who works for a federal security agency, is in front of security monitors reviewing split-screen CCTV footage. Jonas Jackson enters in a bit of a panic over a surprise medical examination on employees. JJ received the memo on Friday! Jonas asks JJ for a favor – for his urine sample, as he had been partying all weekend at a friends stag party.
JJ denies his request initially. But in the end, they negotiate with Jonas offering to cover his shifts. JJ agrees, takes the sample container and starts pissing in it right in front of Jonas. Jonas is surprised but turned on. He had expected him to do it in the bathroom but JJ is super confident of people seeing his dick. JJ wipes his dick clean with Jonas’ handkerchief and tells him to stop pretending like he doesn’t want his dick, as he’s been staring it since he pulled it out.
Jonas starts sucking JJ’s huge cock at his workstation until they move to the couch. JJ goes straight for Jonas’ ass – rimming and fucking him in three positions. In the end, JJ cums all over Jonas’ suit with his massive sticky mess! Jonas makes sure he sucks it clean while he finishes himself off in a huge explosion too.

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