Men Over 30

Men Over 30: Bonus Package

After a full day of loading boxes, Jack Winters is about to discover one more bonus package for him to deal with, and if he thought his day was long and hard already, he ain’t seen nothing yet. Rikk York is rock hard and ready to show Jack a good time, and it’s the perfect reward for Jack after working all day. He leans up against a ladder as Rikk tongues his hole, then takes every inch of Rikk as he plunges his cock deep inside. Jack moans at first from the size of it, but once he’s used to it, he smiles and tells Rikk to fuck him harder. Rikk gladly obliges him, pounding him from behind as Jack strokes himself from below. Rikk flips him over and fucks him even harder as Jack squirts his load all over himself. Seeing this, Rikk feels a throbbing surge in his dick and pulls out to absolutely drench Jack with his nut.

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