Men At Play: Nymphomaniac Consultation

Dani Robles is working from his home office where he consults as a Psychologist when an unscheduled client shows up.

Bruno Max has been seeing Dr. Robles for help with his nymphomania disorder.Today his excessive sexual desires seem uncontrollable. Bruno has jerked off twice in the office bathroom already, and can’t stop staring and fantasizing about every work colleague.

Dani assures Bruno that with his disorder, these desires are normal and with more sessions, he will be better. But, Bruno takes Dani’s professional empathy for sexual feelings, and get’s a raging hard-on. Dani attempts to stop the session but Bruno’s thick dick clearly showing through his pants is hard to resist, even for a professional.

Bruno gives his psychologist a good ass rimming and raw ass fucking; culminating with hot juicy loads that leave them both breathless. Dani has helped enough… for today!

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🔽 Watch ‘Nymphomaniac Consultation’ at MENATPLAY ðŸ”½

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