Masqulin: What’s Gotten Into Him? Part 3

During Drew Dixon’s continued therapy session with Dr. Pierce Paris, Ph.D., LMFT, Drew is not surprised to learn that other couples have relationship hiccups similar to his. Hearing how different men deal with those “ups and downs,” however, has begun to cause a startling stir in Drew’s head and his pants. According to Dr. Paris, he recently counseled two other guys — Michael Delray and Dillon Diaz — who were whipped into such an emotional frenzy following a particularly difficult session that their frustrations and anger exploded into “rage sex” as soon as they returned home from the popular shrink’s office. The heightened tension from their shockingly raw counseling appointment took them to the far edges of their sexual limits and seemingly settled some of the very problems that Drew is looking to remedy in his own partnership. Will Michael and Dillon’s story help Drew journey through a liberating sexual awakening? Only the doctor can know for sure.

🔽 Watch ‘What’s Gotten Into Him? Part 3′ at Masqulin 🔽 


🔽 Watch ‘What’s Gotten Into Him? Part 3′ at Masqulin 🔽 

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