Masqulin: What’s Gotten Into Him, Part 1

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious, Drew Dixon is in for his weekly visit with Dr. Pierce Paris, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. On top of dealing with a new marketing job, Drew is struggling with added pressure from his boyfriend (Nick Fitt) to have a more active and adventurous sex life, which would include Drew bottoming for the first time. Drew offers to open up his relationship in an effort to help fulfill his partner’s needs but doesn’t anticipate the flood of emotions — or the eventual sexual awakening they’ll ultimately bring — when Nick chooses to exercise his new sexual freedom. Nick describes to Drew what went down with his trick (Clark Davis) in shockingly explicit detail, which has Dr. Paris at attention in more ways than one.

🔽 Watch ‘Whats Gotten Into Him, Part 1′ at Masqulin 🔽 


🔽 Watch ‘Whats Gotten Into Him, Part 1′ at Masqulin 🔽 

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