Hot House

Hot House: Hot House Flippers

The third episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ sees the remodel of Wess Russel’s vacation house well underway, as he and host Austin Avery watch the crew on camera. In the kitchen, plumber Dan Saxon and his assistant Beaux Banks are laying pipe under the sink till it’s time for a much-needed boner break. Sexy Brit, Dan hauls out his thick uncut cock as he strips Beaux down to just his jockstrap and rims his bubble-butt. Beaux backs into Dan and rides his tongue till he is begging Dan to fuck him raw. The plumber replies with a hardcore, bareback deep dicking that leaves Beaux literally cross-eyed and Dan shoots his load all over in a huge cum-splattering ejaculation.

šŸ”½ Watch ā€˜Hot House Flippersā€™ at HOT HOUSE šŸ”½ 


šŸ”½ Watch ā€˜Hot House Flippersā€™ at HOT HOUSE šŸ”½ 

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