Extra Big Dicks: Taking It Deep

Jack Winters’ been waiting all day to lick Vic Rocco’s thick dick, and now that he’s home from work, Jack wastes no time satisfying his urge. Lucky for him, Vic is feeling spunky and as he unzips his pants, Jack can tell he’s already half hard, so he must’ve been thinking about it too. Jack gets straight to work turning Vic’s half chub into something he can work with, and once he’s got Vic nice and hard, he climbs aboard and gives it the ride he’s been dreaming of since lunch. Vic lets Jack have his way with him until he gets close, then he flips Jack over and fucks him from behind, giving his ass a nice slap and then fucking himself to the edge before pulling out and exploding all over Jack’s hole. Jack smiles and pushes Vic onto his back, then climbs back on top, riding Vic as he strokes himself off, cumming all over Vic’s hairy chest, just like in his fantasy, only better.

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