Cocky Boys: Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux

Lightning strikes twice as Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark reunite in a condom-free scene four years after their first sizzling hot time together! As they catch up the excitement builds and their chemistry reignites once Carter takes the lead and they make out passionately. Gabriel’s lips soon move to Carter’s succulent nipples and before long he has his first brief taste of his bubble butt.

With their mouths watering and their dicks hard Carter & Gabriel get into a full-throated 69 which soon propels then to go all the way. Gabriel gets Carter on his back and as his slow thrusts turn into deep ass pounding he brings an increasingly vocal and ecstatic Carter close to the edge. Gabriel decides to fuck doggy style and Carter happily obliges.

The hard pounding makes Carter moan loudly and Gabriel rises higher and drills down deeper. Soon they switch so Carter can ride Gabriel and edge himself, but soon Gabriel again takes charge. He flips Carter to relentlessly pound him and fuck a big load out of him. Gabriel keeps going until he pulls out and shoots over Carter’s hole and licks up every drop to share a cummy kiss with him. And with this Carter becomes one of the few to get “Clark’d” twice.

? Watch ‘Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux’ at CockyBoys ? 


? Watch ‘Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux’ at CockyBoys ? 

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