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Cocky Boys: Avery Jones & Brock Banks

This year CockyBoys is focusing on performers that bring a multi layered approach to their work, and who believe that porn has purpose, in their life and beyond. Our Newest Exclusives, Brock Banks & Avery Jones are just two of these types of performers we will be working with this year. Brock absolutely personifies that attitude and we are thrilled he has choose to be apart of our team. Avery is a breath of fresh air and he brings a unashamed sexual confidence to his work and life that has quickly endeared him to his fellow scene partners and fans alike.

🔽 Watch ‘Avery Jones & Brock Banks’ at CockyBoys 🔽 


🔽 Watch ‘Avery Jones & Brock Banks’ at CockyBoys 🔽 

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