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Young Perps: Case #2001079-53

Sexy Latino Loss Prevention Officer, Carmine Cruz, detains a peeping tom, interrogating him in the background before stripping his clothes off and launching into a penal dick down. The suspect spreads his legs and grunts as the nasty Officer fucks his virgin hole aggressively....


Young Perps: Case #2001078-46

Cute Jamie Ray gets caught harassing an old woman in the store, and Officer Devin Trez is not amused by his immature antics. The strong Loss Prevention Officer disciplines the bratty boy’s tight twinky hole with his big thick cock, penetrating the tatted kid...


Young Perps: Case #1912076-32

This week, a young black boy accidentally walks into the Loss Prevention Office while the Officer on duty is jerking off! To satisfy his horny urges, the Officer yanks the boy’s underwear down and feeds him his thick cock. Then, he plows the boy’s...


YOUNGPERPS PRESENTS : Case No. 1812051-57

This cocky kid thinks he can get away with anything, even after he’s detained by our no-nonsense Loss Prevention Officer. Hopefully a little rough anal drilling will persuade this punk to give up his criminal ways. Watch ‘Case No. 1812051-57’ at YOUNGPERPS  ⏯  ...


YoungPerps : Case No. 1811048-36

Our ripped officer picked up a handsome long-haired punk this week for a rough fuck in his office. The twisted guard threatens to ruin the kid’s life unless he cooperates, and the boy allows himself to be frisked and strip-searched. The site of their...


YOUNGPERPS : Case No. 1810045-15

This young tagger is caught vandalizing mall property and finds himself trapped by two hung and horny officers. During questioning, the cute stud recognizes one of the officers as a kid who picked on him in high school. Not much has changed — the...

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