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YOUNGPERPS PRESENTS : Case No. 1812051-57

This cocky kid thinks he can get away with anything, even after he’s detained by our no-nonsense Loss Prevention Officer. Hopefully a little rough anal drilling will persuade this punk to give up his criminal ways. Watch ‘Case No. 1812051-57’ at YOUNGPERPS  ⏯  ...


YoungPerps : Case No. 1811048-36

Our ripped officer picked up a handsome long-haired punk this week for a rough fuck in his office. The twisted guard threatens to ruin the kid’s life unless he cooperates, and the boy allows himself to be frisked and strip-searched. The site of their...


YOUNGPERPS : Case No. 1810045-15

This young tagger is caught vandalizing mall property and finds himself trapped by two hung and horny officers. During questioning, the cute stud recognizes one of the officers as a kid who picked on him in high school. Not much has changed — the...

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