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Masqulin: House Sitting

Franky Maloney and his wife are off for a week to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation and luckily Ace Quinn will be watching their place for them. But Ace has a secret, he has always had a thing for Franky and will use this...


Masqulin: Social Pressure, Part 2

With their first challenge completed cum-essfully, Paul Cannon and Calvin Banks’ rivalry remains high. Sucking two cocks was barely an appetizer to what will follow! In Round 2, each social icon needs to find an anonymous daddy in a public place and then rock...


Masqulin: Whats Gotten Into Him? Part 2

Drew Dixon’s on-going anxiety and sense of inadequacy about his relationship and sex life continues to be a hot topic of conversation with Dr. Pierce Paris, PhD, LMFT. Drew’s confidence, he reveals, has been particularly shaken by what his best friends, Dante Colle and...


Masqulin: Motel Exhibition, Part 3

JJ Knight brings his fiancé Nic Sahara to Motel Exhibition for a joint “bachelor party”. Nic is ready to experience what goes on live behind doors.. including getting a taste of the fucking hot motel manager Pierce Paris before tying the knot.  Watch ‘Motel...


Masqulin: Social Pressure, Part 1

Paul Cannon and Calvin Banks are social icons that have been selected for the hottest competition online. With their massive followings tuning in, they must both push themselves beyond their sexual limits and do as the game demands or lose their accounts and livelihood....


Masqulin: Passed Out

Tanner Hall and Ace Quinn have been training for months for a marathon that takes place tomorrow. And, their girlfriends are ready to drop the health kick and start to party. But after their girls pass out, the two bros admit they have been...


Masqulin: Pulled Over

Ethan Chase and Pietro Duarte are looking to make a quick buck by driving some high-grade pot over state lines. Using a backroad they think will not be patrolled ends up getting them caught in the clutches of Officer Damon Heart. These hot young...


Masqulin: Motel Exhibition, Part 2

Top earners Adam Ramzi and Cayden Stone are about to set $$$ records. They make their way to their motel room, where the cams are ready to broadcast the horny muscular studs wank, fuck, and cum live. Hot as fuck dudes on live...


Masqulin: Secret Admirer

Teddy Torres is in a boring relationship which is a total waste of his hot body and looks. There are a few people within his office who have their eye on his tight bulging package and have been trying to make it readily apparent....


Masqulin: What’s Gotten Into Him, Part 1

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious, Drew Dixon is in for his weekly visit with Dr. Pierce Paris, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. On top of dealing with a new marketing job, Drew is struggling with added pressure from his boyfriend (Nick Fitt) to have...

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