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Masqulin: Step Brother Bonding

Step brothers Thyle Knoxx and Jake Nobello are insanely competitive. They always try and raise the bar; until Jake fucks another one of Thyle’s ex-girlfriends. When confronted about his obsession, things heat up and the truth comes out. Fucking Thyle’s ex-girlfriends was as close...


Masqulin: Desperate Measures

Thyle Knoxx and Gabriel Clark are stuck together during isolation. As the days slowly blend together, the men are self-handling their loads. That is until the internet goes out and they have no more porn to jerk off their throbbing cocks too. The attraction...


Masqulin: B&B MIXUP

Markus Kage and Trent King have been double-booked at the same rental place but both expected an empty apartment. However, this turn of events ends up working out for both horny travelers. They both strikeout and end up being each other’s hot contingency plan!...


Masqulin: What’s Gotten Into Him? Part 4

Drew Dixon’s intense therapy session with Pierce Paris, Ph.D., LMFT, has, until now, yielded only some wild, sexually charged conversation between the client and his wise counselor. And, while the good doctor has opened Drew’s mind to many erotic possibilities, there are some very...


Masqulin: Social Pressure, Part 3

The first challenge of our hot online competition: blow two strangers within an hour. The second challenge: Get Fucked by a Daddy. And, now our social influencers (Paul Canon and Calvin Banks) will complete their competition against each other in the Edge Challenge –...


Masqulin: Russian Ballet

With dreams of being an icon in the ballet world, Anteo Chara is willing to take any instruction from Russian star-studded coach Dato Foland. Whether it is to bend or twist, suck or fuck, Anteo will do anything to please his coach. Watch as...


Masqulin: What’s Gotten Into Him? Part 3

During Drew Dixon’s continued therapy session with Dr. Pierce Paris, Ph.D., LMFT, Drew is not surprised to learn that other couples have relationship hiccups similar to his. Hearing how different men deal with those “ups and downs,” however, has begun to cause a startling...


Masqulin: The April Fool

Beau Bridge thinks he has struck gold by finding a hot girl on the PansMeet app; and even more so when there are two girls when he shows up. However, little does he know he will be the target of an April Fool’s joke!...


Masqulin: House Sitting

Franky Maloney and his wife are off for a week to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation and luckily Ace Quinn will be watching their place for them. But Ace has a secret, he has always had a thing for Franky and will use this...


Masqulin: Social Pressure, Part 2

With their first challenge completed cum-essfully, Paul Cannon and Calvin Banks’ rivalry remains high. Sucking two cocks was barely an appetizer to what will follow! In Round 2, each social icon needs to find an anonymous daddy in a public place and then rock...

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