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Masqulin: Motel Exhibition, Part 1

They want to fuck! But with no place of their own or any privacy, Jack Hunter and Taylor Reign drive to a remote motel that’s “free” of charge. Though, yes, there’s a small catch! The motel rooms have webcams and broadcast the debauchery taking...


Masqulin: The Layover Lay

Damon Heart enjoys traveling around the globe as a consultant for his work, while his better half stays at home. On the drive to the local corporate house, he texts Kit Cohen to meet him… again. This isn’t a work meeting… Kit has missed...


Masqulin: Festival Vibes

After an unreal experience at the music festival, Anteo Chara and Matt Anders make it back to his apartment. Smelling the musty man sweat, Matt offers to wash Anteo’s clothes – including his drawers. And, after noticing Anteo’s half-hard cock, he tells him to...


Masqulin: The Trainer

Thyle Knoxx has hired Markus Kage as his personal yoga instructor/trainer. Markus can’t help but notice that Thyle has a fit, tight body with a bubble butt and VPL that marks a big cock. And seeing as how their first calisthenics routine gets a...


Masqulin: The 4 Doors, Part 3 – Voyeur

Franky Maloney is visibly excited as he makes his way to the underground 4 Doors club. He’s confronted with options: Anonymous, Submission… and chooses to enter the ‘Voyeur’ room. Inside, he finds Ethan Chase and Adam Awbride. Franky strips naked, he sits on a...


Masqulin: The BNB Encounter, Part 2

Max Adonis’ pounding by Patrick Dei left him wanting more and they agree to meet in the living room (sans girlfriend) in an hour. In the BNB’s main living room, Patrick awaits naked and blindfolded. Host Drew Dixon finds him while room tossing. And...


Masqulin: The 4 Doors, Part 2 – Role Play

Word of the underground 4-Doors sex club is slowly spreading. On a cold and snowy night, horny Lev Ivankov is intent on getting off. As he enters the club, he is presented with options. Exhibition… Submission.. but it’s the Role-Playing door that most intrigues...


Masqulin: Gamer Spoils

He is young, eccentric and almost impossible to defeat online. We check out one of LAs top gamers and eligible bachelors, Turbo letting loose. And, today, not only does groupie Beaux Banks get invited inside Dante Colle’s bedroom, but he also gets to do...


Masqulin: The Cum Dump, Part 3

With two hookups down so far, cum slut Jeremy London is looking to impress by fucking with three more tonight — and, making it to Cum Dump status! On the PansMeet app, he matches and invites over Alex Mecum, Ace Quinn, and Thyle Knoxx...

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