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Family Dick

Family Dick: Tickle Torture

Cute Josh Cannon has been smoking too much pot, and his muscular stepdaddy, Myles Landon, is not happy about it. To punish the boy, he licks his feet lasciviously and penetrates the kid’s delicious asshole until they reach a gooey climax!  Watch ‘Tickle Torture’...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Locker Room Spy

Sexy Dylan Hayes loves working out with his tatted up stepdaddy Jack Dixon, and today he can’t help but sneak a peek at the big guy’s cock in the bathroom. The old man rewards the boy by shoving his dick down his throat and...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Toys For Grown-Ups

Gorgeous Josh Cannon gets caught by his stepdad, Myles Landon, while he’s in the middle of playing around with his mom’s dildo. The old man shoves the toy in the boy’s tight asshole and then replaces it with his meaty member, filling his bubble...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Trashy Trailer

Pretty-eyed Dylan is in for a treat when his tatted-up stepdaddy, Jack Dixon, whips out his absolutely massive cock. The boy tries to fit the whole thing in his mouth before curling up on the couch for some raw anal penetration!  Watch ‘Trashy Trailer’...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Peeping Neighbor

Horny Ryan Evans has no idea that his pervy neighbor, Jesse Zeppelin, has been spying on him while he touches himself. The nasty old man agrees to keep the kid’s masturbatory secrets if he sucks on his thick dick and rides him to orgasm!...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Sports Massage

Sporty Skylar Hill looks super cute in his baseball uniform, and his pervy stepdad, Kristofer Weston, can’t keep his hands to himself. He sticks his tongue in the boy’s yummy asshole, strokes inside his toned butt bareback, and covers his hair in cum!  Watch...

Family Dick

Family Dick: You Promised Not To Tell

Sneaky Dakota Lovell isn’t very good at keeping his affair with his nasty stepdaddy, Trent Summers, a secret. To ensure the blabbermouth boy’s future discretion, the old man disciplines him with a belt, bangs his pulsing asshole, and fills his mouth with dripping goo!...

Family Dick

Family Dick: The Magic Trick

When nerdy Skylar Hill practices a magic trick on his stepdad, Kristofer Weston, the old man uses it as an excuse to get butt naked. He teaches his boy a new trick, shoving his meaty dick down the kid’s throat and barebacking his tight...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Sit Back & Relax

The football playoffs are in full swing, and hairy hunk Donnie Argento just wants to watch the game. But when his cute stepson, Taylor Reign, comes looking for a raw dick down, he can’t resist. He plunges his cock into the boy’s butt and...

Family Dick

Family Dick: Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Curious Skylar Hill is absolutely obsessed with his stepdad Kristofer Weston’s big dick. When the old man catches his stepson in the act, he teaches him a lesson about sex, stuffing his eager asshole with raw stepdad cock!   Watch ‘Nothing To Be Ashamed Of’ at FamilyDick  ...

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