Belami: WEEKLY UPDATE – 4-27-19

While we know that a few of you are not fans of Maori’s tattoo, we think that as an overall package, he is quite a nice package. Tall, built, hung with a handsome, masculine look and an eager and high voltage sexuality, he makes a great model in most situations. Today we have him together with Roald, who also happens to be his model scout (They will tell you a bit more about that story in the introduction). Judging by Roald’s blushes and his eagerness to fuck Maori’s ass, we think he may have had the hots for him long before he brought him in to meet us. The boys treat us to a great showing of horny and energetic fucking with Maori shooting his load while Roald is still hungrily fucking his ass.
You have to give Tom points for bravery. It is a rare newbie who is willing to jump in and be fucked by both Peter and Bastian at the same time, but that is exactly what is in store for him today. We start of with an extended shower opening here as the boys make themselves fresh and clean for the adventures ahead, but it is not long before Tom wants a bit more than just some foreplay in the bathroom. Our director today decided to make it a bit easier for Tom by giving him Bastian as a warm up before setting him to tackle the girth of Peter’s massive dick. All in all, this could be one of the hottest 3ways we’ve seen in a while, and lucky Tom’s ass is the subject of a lot of loving attention from 2 of the biggest cocks around.
 While we know you are all big fans of Jeff, this was one occasion when he was not the most popular boy at the studio. Niko has turned up for his next training session with his teacher Jeff, only to find Jeff out of commission due to a nasty hangover. We would have had a real issue if Antony was not just hanging around and more than happy to jump into the role of substitute trainer. As it turned out we should probably be thankful to Jeff and the combination of Nico and Antony is trues great. Both boys have great physiques, are more than pleasing to look at and are horny as hell.
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