Bel Ami Online: Kristian Bresson & Eluan Jeunet

Eluan, is so excited at the prospect of breaking in his first newbie that he’s almost at a loss for words- and he speaks seven languages! His excitement is understandable considering the desirability of his “pupil”, Kristian Bresson. Tall, dark, sexy and hung Kristian can render anyone speechless. Though this is Kristian’s first proper scene, we will be bringing you special edits of his training sessions with Jerome and Andrei in a couple of months on

🔽 Watch ‘Kristian Bresson & Eluan Jeunet’ at BELAMIONLINE 🔽 


🔽 Watch ‘Kristian Bresson & Eluan Jeunet’ at BELAMIONLINE 🔽 

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