Bel Ami Online: Jeff Mirren & Enrique Vera (Part 1)

The trouble with having great looking friends is that all the boys you find on Grindr don’t count for much in comparison, or at least that is the conclusion that Jeff comes to today as he is browsing through his hook-up menu together with Enrique. The plus side of having friends like Enrique is that they are always willing to help out. Today’s scene is the opener of this  2 part special which sees our beloved Jeff seducing Enrique with sweet words, deep kissing, even deeper rimming and finally a much appreciated fuck.

As performers both of these boys always deliver the goods and especially so today as after the fuck we get to see Jeff de;liver his load directly into Enrique’s gaping and waiting hole.

🔽 Watch ‘Jeff Mirren & Enrique Vera (Part 1)’ at BELAMIONLINE 🔽 


🔽 Watch ‘Jeff Mirren & Enrique Vera (Part 1)’ at BELAMIONLINE 🔽 

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