Active Duty

Active Duty: Elijah Canon & Jesse Nice

There’s nothing better in a soldier’s life than a little R’n’R, and that goes double if you have a buddy to pass the time with. Jesse Nice and Elijah Canon are the type of bunkmates to make the most of their down time, and with no duties to bother them, they decide to give each other a helping hand… and then some! Just because these two hunks aren’t standing guard doesn’t mean they aren’t at full attention… no flags at half-mast here! One thing is for sure, they better hurry up and finish before any of their platoon catches them.

🔽 Watch ‘Elijah Canon & Jesse Nice’ at ACTIVE DUTY 🔽 


🔽 Watch ‘Elijah Canon & Jesse Nice’ at ACTIVE DUTY 🔽 

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